Andrew Lawton hails from Melbourne, Australia, and has spent the past fifteen years working as a director, producer and writer for many of the biggest names in the industry. Most recently, Andrew directed Neil Patrick Harris, Liam Neeson, Helen Mirren and Alec Baldwin in ‘A Roundabout Road to Broadway’ for WNBC. He followed this project directing Jane Krakowski in ‘From Basements to Broadway’ and Vanessa Williams in ‘Thriving Through Theatre’. Further, he is the writer/director of the films ‘Couch Surfer’, ‘Have You Seen Calvin?’, ‘Rain’, ‘Some Guy Called Toby’ and ‘Wake’, the latter premiering at New York’s Tribeca Cinema before competing at the famed Atlanta Film Festival. Andrew has also directed numerous television commercials and music videos for Universal Music Group.

He first moved to New York on scholarship to Sarah Lawrence College and graduated with his MFA in 2003. He currently resides by the water in Battery Park City and has no doubt that THIS is the year his Jets win the Superbowl.

Learn more about Andrew at Wikipedia and on The Internet Movie Database.

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